About Up Dog Studio

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you stick around long enough to unroll your yoga mat or jump on your spin bike (or both) and spend some time with me!

Hi! I’m Regina (I am also called Regi).  My movement journey began in high school. I wasn't much of an athlete, but I really enjoyed dessert. One night I decided to go for a run so I could enjoy seconds of my Mom's amazing plunk-in cake, otherwise known as monkey bread... that was 30 years ago. I still love to move and share movement with others. And in case you were wondering, I still enjoy dessert.

We are designed to move, when we don't move well and often, our minds and bodies get stagnant. Stagnancy shows up in all kinds of ways: from aches and pains to our attitude and how we connect (or don't connect) with others. Just like the stagnancy that can show up in our bodies when we don't move, we can also have life-long patterns that have led to feeling stuck in our lives. Whether in our faith or following through with our dreams and goals, some of our habits and continual patterns need to be uprooted. 

Reading books and listening to speakers to figure out how to get unstuck and get out of our own heads are great, but often they will only get us so far. This work requires, well, more effort. Movement can be a powerful tool to help in the healing and breaking up with negative patterns in our lives.

Parker Palmer said we have to unlearn to really heal and have an intimate relationship with Christ (paraphrased). I am all about using movement to help facilitate the process. If we can figure out how to surrender, to really lay the (whatever it is) out, God can take it and feel us what He intended for us. This will show up in my teaching and is why I just can't seem to change vocations. This work, and seeing God show up in His way, is what keeps me leaving my own daily comfort zone. 

Note: photo credits belong to Simply By Aubin